We live with Dissociative Identity Disorder, and this is our attempt to share some snapshots of what it’s really like to cope with the day-to-day frustrations of being dissociative, at least for us.  Over time, we hope more of our reality will be obvious to readers; in the meantime, please bear with us, we are not always as focused and clear-headed as we’d like to be.  It’s important, however, to note that we live a “normal” life and most of the world sees us as a “singleton.”  Unlike melodramatic TV shows such as the unlamented late “United States of Tara,”  which use our condition as an excuse to allow actors to show off, or to symbolize some aspect of the human condition without regard for the people who really live with the condition, we don’t have a crisis every day, we don’t have a costume closet for each alter, or any of that other (mostly) nonsense you see on TV.  Hence the subtitle of the blog.  We may change that later, but we set it up a while ago, and now we can’t remember how to change it! 😉