For once, our Senate is doing something consistent with the desires of the rest of us. See Truthout: Senators Introduce Constitutional Amendment: . (Sorry, having trouble getting the link function to work properly. Until I figure out what I’m doing wrong, this will have to do.)

Introducing this legislation on General Strike day is timely.  I’m not sure I agree with the angle they’ve chosen, but it’s a step in the right direction.  We citizens will have to weigh in.  For us, we’d like to see the amendment focus on enforceable Federal requirements for state corporate charters, where the common good is placed at the top of the charter, ahead all other considerations (e.g., profits and shareholders).  That to me is is Constitutional language and appropriate to get to the root of this “corporate personhood” nonsense.  All because some uppity law clerk made a note on a SCOTUS railroad case back in the late 19th century.   No wonder they called those guys the railroad robber barons.

Now if Greece can avoid blowing itself up….